At High Impact, we will protect your budget just as fiercely as you do. You deserve a maximum return on your investment 
and our promise is that every penny you spend with us will contribute directly to your goals. 

While most communications agencies suffer from bloated overhead with expensive offices and on-staff generalists, we have an entirely different model.
We research your business and goals to create a tailor made team of vetted specialists with specific knowledge of your industry that are only used
when needed. Our experts come packaged with far greater efficiency and more experience than any generalist agency can offer. 

The bottom line? If you need to reach trade media with a technical message, we can do that. If you need to create a marketing video without the
budget-busting cost of hiring an external production house, we can do that. If you need to raise your corporate profile, release a new product,
promote an event or let the world know you exist, we are ready to do that!

Public relations

Public relations has morphed over the last five years with the growth of social media and the decline of daily newspapers. Some PR companies might dwell on the negative, but at High Impact we believe that evolution has created new, exciting venues to get your word out. New blogs, social media sites and apps are born daily and we will design a holistic PR plan that leverages those new opportunities as well as traditional ones.

Media Relations

At High Impact, we have extensive experience on both sides of the media. We understand how to position a story so reporters will want to tell it and we have the contacts at the highest levels of broadcast and print journalism. There's no doubt that viewers and readers accept and believe messages delivered by journalists to a much greater depth than messages delivered by paid media.

Video Production

Whether it's for commercials, viral marketing pieces or social media presence, video has become a critical component of any communications strategy.
The teens and 20-somethings who will be the decision makers, purchasers and business leaders of the next generation have never known a time when they couldn't shoot video on their phones, view videos on YouTube, or video-chat on FaceTime. It's important for companies and organizations to learn to communicate through video, but it's absolutely critical to maintain brand consistency while doing it. Because of our broad expertise, we can produce video content that enhances your company's brand rather than compete against it.

community relations

We can design a program to improve the community's perception of your products, services or company. Through philanthropy, community outreach or event management, we can develop and execute plans to raise your profile and increate your stature.

issues management

Never has careful management of a potentially controversial issue been more critical. Media and public dissection of financial, political and commercial ventures has reached new levels but with careful planning and an understanding of likely barriers to success, we can design strategies to help mitigate damage before it occurs. It take decades to build trust in a brand, but in today's Twitter infused news cycle a reputation can be destroyed in seconds.
It's absolutely crucial that every company be prepared to deal with a situation when it happens. And it will happen.

Media Training

A media interview can be as intimidating as flying a plane or skydiving, but like both of those experiences, it can be mastered by understanding the process. Our leadership team has extensive experience on both sides of the media as reporters and spokespeople. We can demystify the interview, identify the pitfalls and equip you and your team with the skills to talk comfortably with any journalist whether it be television, radio or print.


From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to YouTube, social sites have forever changed the way people communicate.
YouTube is now world's second most popular search engine and if Facebook were a country, it would have the third largest population in the world.
Two thirds of U.S. adult population that use the interest are participating in social media, and at High Impact, we can design effective programs to reach people where they are spending a lot of their time... online.


The marketing landscape is changing at a breathtaking pace and while effective collateral and consistent branding continue to be very important, so is understanding new and developing techniques for reaching people where they love, work and play.